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Garment Acessories & Quilt
Non-woven wadding's are widely used in home furnishings. Whether the furnishing products are intended for residential or commercial spaces, our especially designed and developed non-woven wadding's provide you with a number of advantages. Non-woven polyester thermal bonded wadding's, being safe, non-irritating and nontoxic, form an economical solution for developing the home furnishing range. Our non-woven wadding's for furnishing products feature, cushions & pillows, quits, sleeping bags etc. Our products are especially designed to give comfort and warmth, easy to handle and environment friendly.

  • Polyester/Cotton Thermal Bonded/ Chemical Bonded Wadding's are available from 30 gsm to 2000 gsm
  • The Thermal Bonded Wadding can be soft, silicon zed as well as stiff as required according to the end use
  • Maximum available width of up to 3 metres & as per customer requirement. 


A quilt is a type of bedding composed several layers generally using the technique of quilting. many are made of decorative designs some of them are used for bed covering. our products are so soft and are so versatile which are according to the need of users.

Garment Acessories:

we are one of large supplier of Non-woven in India and abroad , we deals in non woven garment acessories. Our main products are:
  • PP non-woven (used in disposable ,shopping bag .packing ,agriculture,furniture  and so on )
  • Non Woven wadding (Polifill) & interlinning (used in home furnishing, filling products, sleeping bags, toys and so on.)
  • Garment Accessories

We can offer good quality product in reasonable prices. We fulfill the need of user within the specified scheduled time at very reasonable price.

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