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Filter Fabrics
We deal in wide range of non woven fabric with different finishing treatment like oil and water repellent fabric , antistatic fabric, silicon treated fabric etc width from 1mtr to 2.1 mtr and weight from 400-600 grams per sq mtr, filtration rate from 1 micron to 200 micron widely used in liquid filtration, air filtration and dust collection. These filter fabrics are available in cotton, polyester , polypropylene , nylon spun and multi filament material. Available in different width, gsm and micron basically used for filtration of edible oil and chemicals.

Applications of Non Woven Filter Fabrics

Non Woven fabric filters can be used for:
FDA Approved nonwovens for the food and beverage industry.
Nonwovens for Coolant for Chemical Industry.
Non woven filter fabrics used in air filter for Pharmacutical companies/Hospital.
Nonwoven discs.
Nonwoven roll goods.
Nonwoven socks & tubes.
Nonwovens for animal cage covers.
Nonwovens for the air & liquid filtration.
Nonwoven for all kinds of bags.                   

We have a large variety of nonwovens on hand including
  • Rayon/Cotton
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyester
  • Nylon
Each variety of nonwoven comes in various filtration retention. We can diecut your fabrics.
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