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Felts & Shoe Lining
Shoe Lining:
We offer premium Non Woven Shoe Fabric that mainly includes Embossed Shoe Lining and other Non-Woven Shoe Fabric. We are counted among the major non-woven Shoe Lining suppliers based in India. Usage of finest quality raw materials in the production ensures high durability of Shoe Lining. Available in black and white colors, our Shoe Fabrics are Soft to touch and feel. our Shoe Fabrics are available in both soft and hard finish.
Our shoe lining material is available in both soft and hard finish.
  • Non Woven Fabrics For Heel Grip
  • Non Woven Embossed Fabric With Hard Finish For Shoe Uppers
Nonwoven Fabric
We provide wide range of high efficiency Non Woven Fabric that finds its different application. These fabrics are made  from either or combination Needle Punching, Chemical Bonding And Thermal Bonding Process. We are well reckoned as one of the leading Textile Fabric  suppliers based in India. Our Nonwoven Fabric is manufactured under the guidance of experts using advanced technology machines. High quality raw materials used in the production adds durability in the Non woven Fabric. Perfect blend of performance and quality, our Nonwoven Fabric is in huge demands in the  markets.

Felt is a non-woven cloth that is produced by matting, condensing, needling and pressing woollen/synthetic fibres. While some types of felt are very soft, some are tough enough to form construction materials. Felt can be of any colour, and made into any shape or size. We are one of the best supplier of Felt in India as well as abroad. our products are of excellent quality and are highly appriciated by users all over.
Felt is used everywhere from the automotive industry, to musical instruments and home construction. It is often used as a damper. In the automotive industry. In the sound proofing industries felt fabric are used in accoustic purpose i.e. sound proofing in confrence hall/ PVR/ Cinema Hall etc. Many musical instruments use felt. On drum cymbal stands, it protects the cymbal from cracking and ensures a clean sound. It is used to wrap bass drum and timpani mallets. Felt is used extensively in pianos, for example piano hammers are made of wool felt around a wooden core. The density and springiness of the felt is a major part of what creates a piano's tone. As the felt becomes grooved and "packed" with use and age, the tone suffers. Felt is placed under the piano keys on accordions to control touch and key noise; it is also used on the pallets to silence notes not sounded by preventing air flow. Though the ukulele is most commonly plucked, the pick, or plectrum, is made of felt.
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